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  11. Kneeup lunge!

    Position A: good posture, chin up, knee up to form a 90 degree angle.

    Position B: swing your leg back to lunge.

    20 reps; 2 sets.
    Advanced: 20 reps; 4 sets.


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  13. The Triangle Crunch! This move is great for your abs, legs, and butt!

    Position A: kneel, place left hand lightly on back of head, right hand on floor to side.

    Position B: crunch to left while raising left leg, so body forms a straight line from hip to toe. Lower leg and repeat.

    Do 25 per side!


  14. The Side Slimmer!

    The focus this week will be ‘Slim Waist.. Cute Butt!!!’

    K~ so now that that’s settled, here’s how you do the Slide Slimmer:

    Position A: sit ladylike with legs to the side, palms to the floor on the opposite side at shoulder width apart.

    Position B: extend your top leg out as you push up, repeat 12 times! 3 sets, then switch sides.

    12 reps; 3 sets- go!


  15. Happy Monday:) I want to touch on a semi health related topic, communication! A fitness how to will come a bit later than normal today:)

    Are you able to clearly express your thoughts, truly listen, and resolve issues quickly? Communication is key for improvement in any relationship + situation. I love those Aha! moments, and most times you can’t get to those moments all by yourself.

    Thoughts On How To Communicate Effectively:

    • Listen! The most underestimated in importance of communicating. Learn, understand, listen to the person who is taking the time to articulate their thoughts to you. You always learn something new if you listen carefully enough.
    • Speak calmly, clearly. In any situation getting rid of nerves, frustrations, too much excitement will effectively convey your thoughts without any distractions. Speak with mental stillness.
    • Express ideas. This is a great way to get feedback. Just through body language, facial expressions & even before the other person gives you any feedback you can tell what a persons true reactions are to your ideas by paying attention to what you see. This will cue you to either pause, continue, stop for them to speak, etc.
    • Give feedback on ideas. Always give fair feedback for ideas expressed to you. It’s a sign of respect and it also shows that you care. You may also give advice you never thought you had in you to give in the first place. You subconsciously go through your own life experiences to give advice or opinions.

    Core flow yoga this afternoon got me thinking- not to get too Carrie on ya’ll but really, how can you improve your communication to get the response and feedback you need and want? How how? Very curious.

    Fit post coming later than normal today, but did you get to see today’s printable newsletter? Xx